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Truecaller is a widely used mobile application that not just supports the caller id feature but also helps in blocking spam. It has over 500 million downloads worldwide and the number says all about the popularity of the Truecaller app.
Truecaller deals with every one of user calls and messages rapidly, by sifting through phone salespeople, robocalls, and other undesirable disturbances. With a network-based spam list refreshed by a great many clients around the world, Truecaller is the main application a user has to make the communication safe and effective.
Truecaller has over 200M + active users, over 500 million downloads, and 10B spam calls identified and blocked.

Truecaller App Information

Name: Truecaller

Company: True Software Scandinavia AB

Category: Communication

Platform: Web/Android/IOS

Downloads: 500M+

Size: 39 Mb

Current Version: 11.2.7

Rating: 4.4

Price: Free (Includes In-App purchases)

Company Overview

Truecaller was founded in the year 2009 in Sweden. The app began when the co-founders wanted to create a service that would easily recognize approaching calls from obscure numbers.

Today, Truecaller is adored by more than 150 million clients around the globe and is the go-to application for Caller ID, spam blocking, and installments.

Truecaller Features:

Powerful Dialer & Caller ID:

– True caller helps to identify anyone calling.

– It notifies who is calling even before they call.

– Voice calling feature on Truecaller is for free

– It helps to record the important calls and save them (not supported on Android Pie and above)

– It also backs up every call and message history.

World Class Blocking & Spam Detection:

– It Blocks calls and SMS and also helps to identify frauds.

– Network-based reporting of spam in a real-time

Smart Messaging:

– Helps to identify unknown SMS.

– Helps to chat freely with friends and families withing Truecaller

– The Flash message feature can be used for the urgent messages

Truecaller Premium – Upgrade and get access to:

– Ads Free

– Know who have recently viewed the profile

– Advanced blocking options

– Options to view profiles privately

– Get the Premium badge on your profile

Truecaller Gold – Stand out from the crowd:

– Gold Caller ID

– Support is highly prioritized

– All Premium features

How does it work?

Once the reader opens the Truecaller application, he can see it similar to his phone applications. But the uniqueness that makes Truecaller loved by millions of people is that the search feature allows the user to search an unknown number and find whose number is that. This also tracks every spam number and shows how many of the users have blocked the numbers.

Final Thoughts

Truecaller is a cool mobile application that a user needs to have in their fone. I would say it is a must in today’s world as the number of spams calls is increasing on a daily basis. To counter with it, Truecaller surprisingly shows the spams being set by other users and the number of people blocking it. This certainly helped me get rid of those calls.

The other feature that attracted me the most is that it notifies whose phone call a user will be receiving before the phone rings.

For me, I have installed it once and I am used to it now. The premium features allow us to see who has checked our profiles and other features also make me aware of people looking after me.

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