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Rekhta.Org is the world’s largest internet site for Urdu poetry and literature. The Rekhta app is a reader’s gateway to the arena of shers and ghazals in three distinctive scripts- Hindi, Urdu, and Roman. Readers can enjoy shers and ghazals categorized according to poets and topics or even moods. To ease the mastering of readers no longer acquainted with the language, Rekhta has additionally enabled word-meanings at a click on in the app. With lots of poets to select from, it’s far the high-quality way to enjoy the poetry on the move.

Rekhta App Information

Name: Rekhta

Company: Rekhta Foundation

Category: Education

Platform: Web/Android/IOS

Downloads: 100K+

Size: 12 Mb

Current Version:

Rating: 4.7

Uses: Internet (Offline features for saved writings)

Price: Free

Company Overview

Rekhta Foundation has built up a free site to advance and disperse Urdu writing, particularly Urdu Poetry to a crowd of people past those acquainted with the Urdu content. The substance is accessible in Devanagari and Roman contents notwithstanding the Urdu Script. 

The site has a worldwide readership from more than 160 nations over the globe. Rekhta gives crafted by the most noteworthy number of artists contrasted with some other site in this classification. Rekhta is the biggest online archive of Urdu verse anyplace, with more than 30000 Ghazals and Nazms of more than 2500 Urdu Poets throughout the most recent three centuries.

Rekhta now enjoys the unique honor of presenting the complete works of two great Urdu Poets, Mir Taqi Mir and Mirza Ghalib, and all the short stories by the legendary Urdu fictions writer Saadat Hasan Manto.  

Rekhta Features:

  •  Roman, Devanagri And Urdu Scripts
  •  Display meaning of each word on a click
  •  Robust Search feature
  •  20,000+ Ghazals & Nazms
  •  20,000+ Shers (categorized form)
  • 2,000+ Poets
  • Regularly updated with new poets and poetry
  • User can have their world for saving their favorite poems and words.

Rekhta Platforms:

  • (the largest repository for Urdu poetry and literature)
  • Rekhta ebooks ( preservation of over 100,000 books and similarly 2500 books are being added every month).
  • Education (Provides free online Urdu learning platform (Aamozish) and other classroom programs.)
  • Events (Events like Jashn-E-Rekhta and Shaam-e-Rekhta throughout the year to showcase the multi-faceted beauty of the Urdu language.)
  • (Collection of vast and scattered literature of Sufis & Saints)
  • (For Hindi Literature)

How does it work?

Once the reader opens the Rekhta application, s/he should register in the app ( not necessary, but I suggest to register for some cool features). The reader then gets to see the clean ads free mobile application where a reader can search the writer of interest, read the poem of interest, learn the new words, save and even share with the rest of the world. 

The dark mode on the settings tab helps the user to read even in the night time easily. Some of the poetry even have the link to the video and audio directly that also helps the reader to listen to poetry.

Though the internet is a prime factor for the app to run, readers can browse the writings they have favorited even in offline mode.

Final Thoughts

Rekhta has played an important role in the digitalization of Urdu Literature. It has gained the reader all over the world and the way this application runs smoothly is something awesome. The favorite section can even work in the offline mode that makes the reader share their favorite poets’ writings to friends in a small meetup without the use of the internet.

For me, being a fan of Urdu literature, I mostly use Rekhta for the learning of Urdu words and the writings from the legends like Mirza Ghalib and Mir Taqi Mir. The app is perfect for reading and learning. I spend every morning and every evening reading in Rekhta. 

This is the worth reading application if you are a fan of Urdu Literature. Though its older version in the android app had a slight issue, the newer version seems to work perfectly fine.

Readers can also Donate for this non-profitable organization to run smoothly

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