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Have you ever wished of having an IDE ( Integrated Development Environment) in your mobile for enhancing your skills in the programming field? For people who don’t know what IDE is, it stands for Integrated Development Environment. Well, Cppdroid is here for you.
It is a software or programming environment that contains a code editor, debugger, compiler, etc. in a single package. This allows the developer to write code, compile, debug, and execute it at a single place. Well, the Cppdroid app is here for you to make sure you code even when you are far from your pc.

Well, the Cppdroid app is an IDE focused on learning programming language and libraries especially for C and C++ language. It did not just let the user write code in a mobile device, it also shows error and helps the user to debug the code on a real-time basis. Now, we developers don’t need to be idle in their pc for writing the code. Let us go through the basic app information. 

 App Information

Name:  Cppdroid-C/C++ IDE

Developed by: Anton Smirnov

Latest Version: 3.3.3

Category: Free Education App

Publish Date: 2018-09-19

Requirements: Android 4.4W+

Platform: Google Playstore

Installations : 1 M + downloads 

Size:  On the first launch, 46 Mb  and other for tutorials, total about 215 Mb

Price: Free *Allows In-App Purchases*

CppDroid Inside View

The Cppdroid app has a cool feature of teaching both advanced and beginner developers with several examples. It also has an In-App purchase for a color theme, google drive support, dropbox support, removing ad banner, example and tutorial feature, static analysis feature, tiny keyboard feature, and premium for all the above-mentioned features.

How to use it? 

Cppdroid app is a mobile application that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. It is an easy to use application. When the user first runs the app, he sees an editor directly where he can write code, compile, and execute. 

In the case of learning and example features, the user can select the menu icon, go through the project section, and then go for examples/tutorials according to the need. The example and tutorials can be helpful for both the beginner and advanced level developers. 

Cppdroid App Features 

The features of Cpp Droid (per our inspection and the developer’s mentions ) are:

  • Code-complete
  • Real-time diagnostics (Warnings and errors) and fixes
  • File and tutorial navigator
  • Static analysis
  • Smart syntax highlighting
  • Portrait/landscape UI
  • Auto indentation and auto-pairing (configurable)
  • Configurable code syntax highlighting (themes)
  • Compile C/C++ code 
  • Works offline 
  • C/C++ examples included
  • C/C++ tutorials included
  • Dropbox Support
  • Google Drive Support
  • Add-ons manager and auto-updates

Final Thoughts

 Cppdroid app is a good platform for developers to write their code, compile, debug, and execute it. Not just that, it also plays a significant role in making students/ developers learn the language with a great variety of examples.

Though, the part of the tutorial only has one tutorial in the free version, which I hope or wished a bit more tutorials to be there that would help people.

I, myself have been using it to test my code in my leisure time. This now has made me more effective as I can write and test my code anytime and anywhere. 

Download Link

Google Playstore:   https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=name.antonsmirnov.android.cppdroid&hl=en

 For Further Details, you can click the link below:

App Blog: https://www.cppdroid.info/

Advanced paid features review: 


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