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Aloha Browser, a browser that is concerned with Internet Privacy and making users feel free to surf the internet. Privacy matters most in today’s world. There have always been some doubts about the user about the apps they use to respect their privacy or not. Out of many browsers, Aloha Browser Turbo is concerned with Internet Privacy. They are easy to use a fast and free web browser that provides maximum privacy and security and can be easily found in the “PlayStore” and “AppStore.”

Aloha Browser Information

Name: Aloha Browser – private browser + free VPN

Developers: Aloha Mobile

Platform: Android / IOS

Rating : 4.4 Appstore / 4.5 Playstore 

Installs : 1,000,000+ 

In-App purchases: Yes

Category: Productivity

The Feature provided by Aloha Browser is: 

 a) FREE Unlimited VPN:  

                     This provides freedom for the user to surf easily on the internet. The only thing user needs to do is select the flash/turbo icon left of the search bar to turn on and off the VPN. Premium VPN is also available in many different countries. Payment has to be done for the Premium VPN.

b) AD BLOCK/ Popup Block

                    Tired of getting ads while surfing? Well, Aloha Browser Turbo gets you rid of it. Users can go and off even the ad-block if someone wants to see the add.

c) PRIVACY And Tracking protection:

                    Aloha Browser assures us of not sharing our activity log to any other.

 d) Private Vault

                   Users can keep the files encrypted securely from anyone with a passcode and fingerprint is also available making it easier for users in today’s world.

e) VR Player:

                  They allow to play VR videos directly from the browser or users can download the video also.

f) Security

                It is one of the fast, secure VPN Connection on Demand.

g) Download Manager

                While watching online videos, listening to music, or reading the files, Aloha Browser Turbo even allows users to download the video directly from the media player.

h) Wi-Fi File Sharing: Aloha Browser allows Transfer files between the devices and computers easily over WiFi. It’s like cloud storage available on a phone.

 For further details, you can click the links below: 

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 Note: According to the surveys done by our team, 4 out of 5 were happy to use this software and found it easy to use.

Ankit Adhikari

Ankit Adhikari is a Software Engineer by profession, who believes in making people's life easy through Mobile Application Development and other software development. Apart from being a developer, Adhikari is also a gamer, a part-time writer, and a cartoon freak who is inspired by people who believe in themselves.

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